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Developing sustainable solutions together

At The Network, collaboration between our members happens i.e., through our annual Think Tanks, Catalyzers, where other expert member are invited to brainstorm and give direction for sustainable solutions, and cases for minor big data or master thesis projects.

We collaborate on challenges our members bring to the table. Challenges will be evaluated before sharing them with community members.

Do you want feedback on a challenge, start a PoC, apply for a Catalyzer or have a student case? Please let us know. Email or call Pascal: +316 2021 9065.

Catalyzer: Idea ignition session

The Catalyzer service is an idea ignition session that brings together university researchers, PhD students, and business leaders. During this session, participants brainstorm innovative and sustainable AI solutions for predetermined challenges. It serves as a platform for generating creative ideas and insights in the field of artificial intelligence.


€8.900 ex VAT for a full day workshop including preparation and wrap-up.


Synergyzer: Green accelerator and knowledge transfer

Synergyzer is an accelerator and knowledge transfer service that assembles a temporary team comprising data science experts with both corporate and university backgrounds. This interdisciplinary team collaborates to deliver Proof of Concepts (PoCs) or advanced AI solutions. By leveraging diverse talents and experiences, Synergyzer accelerates AI projects and fosters collaboration between academia and industry.


€8.900 ex VAT for a full day workshop including preparation and wrap-up.

Sustainable Data Scan: Strategic opportunity finder

Collaborate with neXus experts who, alongside your data team, delve deep into your company's data sets. This collaborative effort aims to unearth hidden opportunities aligned with your strategic objectives. Through intensive data analysis, we identify pathways for implementing sustainable AI solutions, addressing both strategic and sustainability challenges.


€12.900 ex VAT for a comprehensive week of discovery and value unlocking.


Proof of Concept: Start small, learn fast

Is your organization facing a challenge where GreenTech innovation can drive impact? Our multidisciplinary teams specialize in agile development, crafting viable solutions that can be efficiently scaled. Following a 'start small, learn fast' approach, our Proof of Concept service ensures swift results, typically delivered within 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the challenge and data accessibility. 


Starting from €10.000 ex VAT, tailored to the scope of the PoC challenge.

Literacy Enhancer: Transformation through engagement

Embrace change through education. Our Literacy Enhancer service empowers your team with in-depth knowledge about GreenTech and AI. From single-day sessions to immersive multi-touchpoint engagements, our neXus team guides your organization toward transformative insights. Elevate your workforce's understanding, catalyzing the adoption of innovative solutions.


€9.900 ex VAT for a one-off full-day training session for up to 25 attendees. Customized pricing available for multi-session or extended engagements.


Research development: PhD or master assignment

PhD and master student assignments in the fields of Data Science and Econometrics can be facilitated through neXus. Research request can be assigned to various universities depending on the research field.  


A fee of €14.900 ex VAT applies besides the University contribution for the PhD research assignment. 

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