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A non-profit on a mission!

At neXus we believe we can accelerate participation for unsolved sustainability challenges.

It's our mission is to create meaningful impact by uniting all necessary parties in GreenTech.

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The neXus Foundation

In 2023, the vision for neXus as a force for good was conceived. Today, neXus has blossomed into a Foundation boasting over 30 devoted members. In January 2024, we proudly unveiled our mission to the world, demonstrating the "What" and "How" behind our commitment to meaningful change.


While neXus' journey commenced recently, it is firmly entrenched for the long haul.

Board & Founding Members

Our Board comprises Ms. C. de Voogd, Prof. S.J. Koopman, and Mr. P. Koot. They ardently believe in neXus' mission, actively joining its Founding Members to amplify the impact neXus can achieve.

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