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Unlock opportunities to innovate,
driving impactful sustainability initiatives

By joining neXus, members unlock opportunities to collaborate, innovate,

and drive impactful sustainability initiatives.



Participate in transformative challenges tailored to your expertise and aspirations. Take advantage of new research opportunities, help us strengthen the funding of new research agendas in the field of sustainability developed by NGOs, research institutes and companies.  Lend us a hand in making sure that more brain power is devoted to meaningful change.


Corporations and Governmental Agencies

Access a diverse ecosystem, leveraging collective knowledge to address sustainability challenges in climate change, energy transition, agriculture, physical well-being, etc. Privilege to start a Proof of Concept or large-scale innovative solution with network members, coordinated by its founders. Apply for substantial research grants, collaborating with academics, NGOs, and organizations to drive large-scale data-driven sustainability innovations. Contribute cases for minor big data and master thesis projects.


Start and Scale-ups

Make use of our Catalyzer and Synergyzer meetings and events to collaborate and find support in making your business ideas a success. Through neXus you can cooperate with research institutes, NGOs, governmental agencies, or large corporations, to gain knowledge and experience, accelerating your impact and find a valuable business testing-ground.  The benefits as described under 2 are also applicable to you.


NGO’s and Research Institutes

Achieve your goals by cooperating with renowned experts in data science, AI and GreenTech. Make use of our Catalyzer and Synergyzer meetings and events to join hands with researchers and specialists. Help us in channelling private resources and public funding to meaningful causes. Collaboration with academics and tech research organizations can help us all drive large-scale data-driven sustainability innovations.

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